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Stick man ImageIt’s all about keeping in balance

The wellbeing of your organisation is reflected in the wellbeing - or otherwise - of its employees.

For the employee, getting out of balance may result from pressures at work as well as at home, resulting in under-performance and/or sickness absence. Imbalance in the organisation may be reflected in increased labour turnover, accidents and litigation. An effective occupational health service can help restore this balance.

Our distinctive formula for managing risk factors focuses on achieving the optimum balance for both employee and organisation, thereby containing health and safety related costs and enhancing individual and organisational productivity. The three principal elements comprising our solutions-focused approach, supported by case histories and client experience, are:

spacer Creating value through identifying, measuring and managing health risks and delivering the appropriate occupational health intervention;
spacer Assessing employee health to ensure their fitness, both mentally and physically, to undertake their jobs effectively and safely; and
spacer Providing health management programmes and solutions that enable the employer to identify and address risks as well as maintain best practice.

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